Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hurray for Hannah!!!!!!!

My sons didn't get it. We went this weekend to see "The Eye" (a mid-level horror flick that was better than I expected ... and really should have been screened for critics), and my boys wondered why we had to wade through a sea of little girls to get to the concession stand.

The reason, of course, was Hannah Montana, who's concert film is dominating the box office. Here's an observation from our Day Desk Editor Carmen Boles:

My 7-year-old daughter and I showed up at the Cinemark at 7 p.m. for the sold-out 8 p.m. show Saturday night. (I had purchased the tickets days earlier online.) At least 100 people – mostly moms and daughters but also some unlucky dads – were already queued up waiting to snag seats, some with blond wigs and almost all wearing HM apparel.

When they gave the signal to go in the theater, everyone ran to get seats. Those at the end of the line had to sit in smaller groups or in single seats throughout the theater – every single seat was occupied. A manager type told everyone to stay seated during the concert. For the most part they did, but there was a lot of clapping and swaying and singing along. People in the audience even whipped out their cell phones and swayed them in the air during the one slow song.

The girls loved Miley/Hannah, but the biggest screams from the audience were for The Jonas Brothers, who toured with Hannah/Miley. You really start to feel old when you’re sitting in a theater full of pre-teen girls going crazy for 3 mop-headed boys in skinny jeans with mediocre voices.

As a parent, it was probably much less painful than attending an actual concert (and WAY cheaper) but I still said no when Natalie asked if we could go again next weekend.


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