Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beyond Golden Globes

You can almost hear the drum rolls.

Hollywood is in that in-between point. The Golden Globes have already been handed out, and the Oscar nominations are out on Tuesday the 23rd.

The Globes made some great choices:

Just from the clips and an NPR report I heard, I can tell Forest Whitaker is amazing in "The Last King Of Scotland" (maybe Kimball's will get it soon); glad to see "Borat" getting more attention, and Scorcese getting his due for "The Departed."

I thought "Children of Men" might get more attention. Also, "Perfume" and "The Good German."

The Globes went gaga over "Dreamgirls," which I haven't seen because I saw it as a Netflixer -- a formula feel-good Motown story. Friends and colleagues have given it real mixed reviews.

What do you think? What movies should the Academy consider when they hand out their nominations next week?


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Barbara Pollak said...

I'm so disappointed that no theaters in the Springs have picked up Last King of Scotland this week. I and some friends are driving to Denver tomorrow to make sure we don't miss it. Why did Kimballs advertise they'd be showing it and then change their minds ? Sometimes I just don't understand the choices.


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