Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There Will Be Popcorn

So, I served my time Friday. I lost that Oscar duel with Kimball, and so I worked at his theater for a few hours. It actually was kinda fun. The girls working there taught me how to work the register, how to open the popcorn bags, how to evenly distribute the butter and how hard it is to sweep popcorn on carpet.

Afterward, I sneaked into "There Will Be Blood," and I was disappointed.

I got what Brandon loved about it. The opening, especially, had this cool, desperate "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" feel about it. The cinematography is amazing. Daniel Day Lewis is amazing, as always.

But the ending left me cold. As I told Brandon, I don't mind having my face shoved in a bit of mud and oil, but I'd like to have some of it rinsed off with a few drops of redemption.

What an ugly piece of work that film is.

Now, I'm really hesitant to see "No Country for Old Men."


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