Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mobsters vs. woodland creatures

Did you see the box office report this week?

Martin Scorsese's mob thriller "The Departed" topped the national charts with $27 million, a strong opening for a harsh, bloody R-rated movie with some uncompromising turns.

The latest "Texas Chainsaw," which was bad enough they didn't screen it for critics, came in No. 2 with $19 mil.

But the real story here is that at the local box office, the animated flick "Open Season" that opened Sept. 29 trounced them all.

That deviation from national box office tells me two things: We love family movies here, and my rave review of "The Departed" carried no clout at all.

Doesn't anybody listen to what I say? (OK, I get that my kids and my wife tend to ignore my advice, but come on, readers.)


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Audience rather see animation with good voice actors rather than over blown, over paid actors. Just look at how big Japanese animation is here in America. When you can draw, animate any thing limt only to the mind, there are no limits, it can be young, old, real, fantasy, etc… and all its needs is a voice. As long as the story is good, who really cares who the people behind the characters are. When computer animation achieves the realistic quality when audiences can't tell if it CG or real, we will only be concern with the story and the acting, not so much as who the actors are playing the characters. We are not far off.


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