Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Movies that hit or miss

I recently showed "Me and You and Everyone We know" in one of my occasional PILLAR classes (which I do with local psychologist Ira Rosenbaum). It's one of those films I'm hesitant to recommend. A lot of people don't just dislike it, they want to jump on the box it came on and crush it.

Ira fell into that camp, which made for a fun discussion. I love the film, finding it a fragile beauty about the way we struggle to make connections.

One of my favorite scenes is about a guy who buys a goldfish for the family and accidentally puts in on top of his SUV when he drives off.

Drivers nearby see the doomed fish, and can't save it, but recognize value in trying. A poignant metaphore about our lives.

Ira thought it was a miserable film about miserable people.

OK, then.


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