Monday, June 02, 2008

Did Brandon give away too much of 'Sex'?

A reader recently complained that Brandon had given away too important a plot point in his review last Friday.

After seeing the film, I have to agree. Even though trailers had given away as much, the fact that the turn in plot happened more than an hour in should have led to more sensitive treatment.

When I wrote the movie reviews, I was always giving away too much. Comedies, especially. I wanted to share all the best gags, all the funniest lines.

Sometimes, we have to stifle that urge to share, that urge that drives us to be in this business.

But I have to say, I agreed with Brandon's review. It was a fun, sexy movie.

Sex and this City

Gloss, the fashion boutique at the Promenade Shops in Briargate, threw an amazing "Sex and the City" party on Friday.

Women decked out in their high heels and Carrie dresses to nibble on phenomenal food at the store provided by Plate World Cuisine, and then the group took a series of limos, provided by Audi, to the new Hollywood Theatres to see the movie.

It was the kind of innovative, classy parties you usually find in bigger cities.

The only slight tarnish on the gloss was the new theater. The generic-feeling Hollywood Theatres seem a bit of a step down from Cinemark... although I love the all-digial projectors. And the chairs are comfy, if arranged with too-tight aisles.

When the new Cinemark opens, I imagine Hollywood's going to be hurting. Maybe they'll cut their prices.