Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat pushback

Borat has become the surprise hit of the fall, actually raking in more the SECOND week than the first. The word of mouth is huge on this.

I saw it on Sunday and laughed so hard I hurt myself.

I laughed again when I heard about the idiot frat boys and other suiing the studio. Good luck!

As with any huge phenom (Blair Witch ... Titanic), there are always those who wonder what the fuss is about.

Here's an email I received from a reader.


I saw 'Borat' yesterday and am puzzled about the "A" rating it boasts in the Gazette's GO section. Who rates these movies?

The movie was not without the elements of humor; the cultural misunderstandings, as in the greeting kisses; the shock humor, as in the dinner party poop-in-a-bag scene and nudity at the convention scene; and the genuine reactions of down-home Americans to Borats mockings, as in the rodeo anthem audience. The improvisation was seemingly original, and as always, ethnic/gay jokes usually bring laughs. Initially there was a lot of laughter from the audience as we prepared to be amused.

But a little bit goes a very long way, then it turns gross. (As in the greeting kisses, the dinner party poop-in-a-bag scene, the hotel nudity scenes and the fear of being killed by Jews-what was that about?) Are there really that many people who like to see so much toilet and penis humor? As for the improvisation; who acts natural with a camera crew and lights in your face? The audience did stay vocal, but not so much in laughter as in groans and moans.

Judging by the comments overheard by people as we departed after the film, disgust prevailed over humor.

Who does rate these movies?

Sincerely Wondering,
Connie Hill

I told Connie about using a mix of local and wire reviewers. In this case: Jim Emerson from Universal Press Syndicate, whose opinion on this one was similar to most reviews I'd seen.

Here's Connie's response:


Thanks for your reply. I was glad to hear your opinion of it.
You're welcome to put my letter on your blog.


PS I talked to a friend visiting Breckenridge today who said it is banned from theatres there!??

I've been trying to find out if Borat is playing in Breck. What I'm finding online is that The Speak Easy, the only in-town theater I know of, is temporarily closed. Borat is playing at the Trans-Lux Skyline Cinema, which is in nearby Dillon.

Please send me your opinions on the film.


At 8:44 PM, Blogger LadyBronco said...

The fact that the frat boys, etc...are whining about getting caught with their pants down is absolutely hilarious!

I was not planning on going to see this movie, but now I want to see the idiocy in action.

I could always use a good laugh!


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