Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who's the best covert operative?

Bourne vs. Bond. I was having a discussion on KVOR on Friday about which is super-covert operative is better... and which movies are better.

I think the Bourne franchise has such visceral thrills, each chase and fight scene so well constructed, that it pushed Bond to be more real.

"Casino Royale" owes as much to Bourne - for upping the ante - as it does to actor Daniel Craig and director Martin Campbell.

That said, Bond will be the one with the legs. "Bourne Ultimatum" wrapped up the Bourne saga with a nice ribbon. I don't think I need to see another Bourne movie.

Bond is another story. I'm looking forward to the next Bond, and I'm thinking Craig can carry the martini for another four or five films.

I was a big fan of Craig's. He brought a rawness to the part.

But I can't help but wonder ... if this was the beginning of Bond's career as a 00 agent, how many years in charm school does he need before he becomes Sean Connery?


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