Monday, November 27, 2006

Casino Royale

Saw the new Bond last night and I loved the reinterpretation of the franchise. It probably says something that my other favorite Bond movie was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" -- George Lazenby was the original attempt to humanize Bond.

I thought Daniel Craig was great, I loved the details, the grittiness, the plausibility of the action scenes. Well, if not plausible, at least they weren't cartoonish. I loved that line from Vesper about Bond's watch and what it said about him. And the car wreck, seen in the previews, but better in context, was one of the best stunts I've seen in recent memory. However, I admit I was a little lost by the plot at a couple points.


Back to those plot questions: After the torture scene on the boat, Bond wakes up at the hospital and all of the sudden, he and Vesper are totally in love. Where did that come from? Yeah, he comforted her in the shower, but then they were at each other's throats again when she wouldn't front him the other $5 million.
Can you win a girl's heart these days by simply NOT running her over?

OK, and then at the end, M says that Vesper was in love with some Navy guy and the bad guys were using him to blackmail her. Sure, but what was the thing with her taking off the necklace and telling Bond that she wasn't going to live in the past anymore? What happened to loverboy No. 1? And, if Vesper made a deal to save Bond's life on the boat, does that mean she was in love with him then, or was the deal for both of their lives?

I've read a couple reviews and it seems like a lot of people were confused about one or another plot points. Maybe the writers and director were so concerned with getting the details right, they couldn't devote enough attention to making the forest clear.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Warren Epstein said...

I thought this was the first Bond film for grownups. It's not that he doesn't do miraculous things... it's that they never look easy.

I like Daniel Craig's intensity. He doesn't quite fit into the Bond roster, and I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. He's not nearly British enough. And if he's going to grow up to be Sean Connery, he's going to need to spend a long time at charm school.

One point that Andy made when we talked about this was a good one. Wasn't it a bit of a stretch that he had the defibrulator in the glove compartment? The trunk? OK, maybe. But the glove box? Too much of a stretch. I agree.


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